Expected Release: 2016
The exact date of the release depends on which film festival the film will premiere at and if post production continues to stay on schedule as it has. There is always the chance that unforeseen challenges could hinder our progress, but we’re determined to finish for 2016!

We have worked for nearly two years and are so close to finishing this important documentary. Thanks to our backers, we’ve made it well into post-production. We’re looking for people and businesses that are passionate about preserving and raising awareness about this beautiful culture and community of horsemanship. Without financial support, the film cannot be finished. We hope you will consider helping to complete Down The Fence.

Film Summary

Each year, horse trainers journey to Reno, Nevada to compete for one of the most challenging equestrian championships in the world. For the trainers, winning means putting food on the table and hay in the barn for another year. For the world, it means another year of survival for a culture at risk and the continued refinement of an art that dates back to the first Spanish missions in California.

This was an art born out of a practical need for partnership, but the bond between horse and human and the community that grew around that bond is so strong that, defying the odds, it has not been broken—not even by the force of a modern world.

Down The Fence profiles horse trainers on their journey to compete for the championship, revealing their challenges and a rare glimpse into their unique lifestyle along the way. This is a documentary about passion, perseverance, community, and the enduring power of the human-animal connection.