Fall and Winter 2014-15: Footage, Funding, and Filmmaking

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What a fall and winter we had. Here’s the recap!

Fernando & MJ with Nick Dowers

Fernando & MJ with Nick Dowers

September/October: We headed down to Reno, Nevada for the biggest shoot we’d have for the film and to finish out our Kickstarter campaign with a bang! Our trip was AMAZING! We were there for two weeks. We set up a booth area the second week (decorated it with photographs, flyers, and a monitor showing the trailer). We had so many visitors!!! When we weren’t shooting, we’d go spend time chatting with everyone. We couldn’t believe the support we got—so many smiles, hugs, and happy tears. I’ll never ever forget that special time. And in case you missed it, we surpassed our Kickstarter goal by $20,000 (grand total $70,029!!!) thanks to our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G backers! We can’t thank them enough for the support and their belief in this project. Check out our backer and corporate backers.

Pam the chef


The footage we got? OH MUH GOSH!!! The crew worked so so hard and brought all their talent and creativity to work every single day. The footage is absolutely beautiful. Mission accomplished! YES! I also have to add a special thanks to this gorgeous and talented lady, Pam, who kept us fueled and peppy with her insanely delicious cooking during those non-stop chaotic days in Reno. PAM, WE LOVE YOU!

November/December: Best news during this time was the editor that was our number one choice accepted the job! His name is Eric Frith. He came highly recommended by other directors. Eric is an experienced editor of award-winning documentaries. He is incredibly talented, and we’re just over the moon to have him on the team. Ben and Patrick worked their butts off to get the footage organized and shipped to Eric right away. Eric and I have been busy working through the story details while his editing assistant, the wonderful Leah Andrews, has been sorting through footage. Both of them are becoming more cowhorsey by the day. Eric said, “spade bit” the other day like he’s been talking about tack his whole life.

Kansas welcome signJanuary: Lori and Ben headed to Kansas for a quick follow up shoot, braving some pretty cold weather (Utah to Kansas winter road trip…brrrrr). WOW, did they get some pretty stuff! Also, this month, our hunt for a composer got closer to coming to an end, as we plan to meet with a few candidates soon. Big decision!

February: Jaclynn continues to edit, crop, and share photos and news via our social media channels. We have a great time trying to think up ways to thank all the folks who are helping make the film happen. Speaking of, BACKERS, be sure to check your inboxes this week for an email!

Lori and I are getting things prepared for one of our final wrap up shoots in California at the end of the month. The whole crew is coming. We’ll be posting photos while we’re there, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to see how things are going.


  1. Cortney Dahl
    February 16, 2015

    You speak of a composer in your piece above. Please don’t clutter this fine work up with a bunch of obnoxious music playing while the viewer is trying to hear what people say in the film. Absolutely not necessary and makes it hard for us old people to hear the message of what’s being said.

  2. MJ, Down the Fence
    February 16, 2015

    Hi Cortney! We plan to have a lovely original score created by a composer who understands the beauty and spirit of the film. We completely agree with you that obnoxious music should not be anywhere in there. 🙂

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for posting!



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